Write for a reader in mind, even when you never planned to monetized it.

I had my days with conflicts about writing. On one hand I want to write what I liked, while on the other hand I want to find a way to monetized it.

The question itself has no clear cut answer, but it is pretty clear for myself that I liked writing for what it is.

I felt it is more honest. Open. And more importantly rewarding to myself.

In my attempt to start writing, I started blogging. Some of my posts are rewarding, but mostly crappy. I don’t even like to read it again.

It was not until I read the book If You Want To Write by Brenda Ueland (found it via Guy Kawasaki’s Wise Guy book) that I realized my mistakes. That is:

Writing for no one instead for someone.

You see, writing has to had an audience. A commercial writing has audience namely readers. Personal diary has an audience namely ourself.

Without an audience, it is just a notes. We read notes because we have to (as extended storage), not because we enjoyed it to.

So yes, in public writing (such as this post) we need to have an audience in mind: readers.

They might not pay. They might not even care. But by just adding this little principle in mind changed the whole writing. Suddenly it becomes more alive even thought it might still sucks.



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