Susan Cain’s Bittersweet: My First Take

We’re on the quest of making our heart clean and our life tidy for life. And while it is good, up to one point it is counter-productive. Life is inherently messy. And it is not just a flaw, but also a feature. To be free from a huge pain is a relief. And what a relief it is! See? There is no huge relief without huge pain.

Our relationship with pain should be established. We’re like a torn apart civil war in a city place. We don’t communicate with our brother on the another side and keep shelling up the opponent. Should we talk, and we might gain understanding and insight that might at least alleviate what can be alleviated. It might be a cease fire once in a while. It might be hurdling a common enemy. You know what could happened when you talk with your brother you hate. Suddenly they are not that … distance anymore.

But perhaps that’s exactly what frightened us. We are afraid that we will start to love it. Get used to it. And before long soon we’re revert back to our old depressed self. And wouldn’t that also means inviting/leading the past bully back into our life? No way! But it was the past — not today — that prevented us to communicate with our pain. Today is a transformational day with just that one phone call “Hi pain, I’m ready to talk. Let’s work this out.”

— -

This post is wrote after reading the sample of Susan Cain’s latest book “Bittersweet”. I have not decided whether to continue reading or simply stop here because I already “know” about it. But clearly she had a point well taken there. And the way she wrote it — her soul language — is just …. how to say …. bittersweet. She has been that way since her first mega popular book “Quite”. Unlike Alain who sounds very … philosophical, her voice resembels a young girl in her cabin alone. She’s sad yes, but not angry. A bit lonely yes, but not heartbreak beyond repair. And therefore it is not so much about her topic that interesting is but her voice. It is as if “Susan Cain = Bittersweet”. You learn so much not just from what she had said, but as much as from how she said it.


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