Relaxed-yet-Firm Grip

Your grip matters most. But it could be also something else…
  • muscle training. If we’re going to use muscle that we haven’t used before.. we have to train it first.
  • What you think crucial might be not on point. It could be another thing that need extra attention.
  • Start and stay with the basics for a long time. Don’t tried to get advanced yet!
  • There is no magic formula. Keep showing up.
  • Have fun. Don’t take it seriously.

The take away? There is no shortcut. Just like mastering any sport, so does mastering life takes time. Don’t take it seriously else you’re burn out and give up on life. Keep showing up. Don’t tried to hurry to advance level yet. Get used to the basics. Everything changes, yet the fundamental stays the same. And at the beginning it would certainly hurt… it’s normal. But it would go away after awhile.




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