National Election > Global Impact. Choose Wisely!

Hansel Yapadi
2 min readSep 25, 2020


I have not seen war in my life. And perhaps most people whom still lived today. But looking back at the last World War II, how long has it been? 75 years. Not so long.

This common-ordinary-peace we had today is somewhat a newborn. It is fragile. We have taken it for granted because, well we have never seen the alternative. As history had witnessed, complacency came to later generation who had not known the hardship.

With the emerging of nationalism globally and relatively weakened global cooperation (signaled by distrusting atmosphere), the potential spark of conflict widened. What worrying is the de-globalization (or known as decoupling of economy). When the global’s wealth are interwoven, we had shared interest to keep the peace. But when it decoupled, shared interest vaporized.

This does not mean to say that globalization is perfect. Inequality gap has been a problem ever since technology and globalization advancements and continue to do so. And there is no way back: it is not possible to rollback technology advancement. Which means that whatever the solution be will have to embrace the fact rather than reminiscence of the past. We can only move forward.

Governments around the world have to work hard (and more so smart) in facing this trend. Approach that is not impulsive, but comprehensive. Hard decision has to be made. Trade off bound to be. The people had to watched over their government works. But remember that government is a representative that we’ve selected. The responsibility has always been and will always be ours.

Our choice in election will determined not only the fate of our country but of the world. For an impulse decision from one leader from one country will have ripple effects to rest of the countries. So yes, election that done nationally has impact globally. Choose wisely.