Live as an End Not a Mean

That’s where happiness is found.

Life must be lived as an end in itself. Activity that act as a mean must be scrutinized. And only be done when it is absolutely necessary.

  • If it is an end, then does it felt satisfying? Yes, continue. No, stop.
  • If it is a mean, does the end (attention & money) justified the mean(the sacrifice)?
  • Sacrifice: putting things in orderly and clean fashioned. While I enjoy the structuring, but I hate the cleanliness that I considered soulless, over-wording & counter-productive.

“What’s the end game here?”

Ex. Money & Attention instead of social impact, education, helping others, etc.

“Does the end jusfied the mean?”

  • every feeling is valid.
  • Sacrifice is intangible. Just as Pleasure is.
  • Justification is a comparison between how you felt about the mean and how you felt about the end.

Is it worth it to feel these amount of bad now, to feel a predicted amount of good later?

Note: Prediction does not come with a guarantee that it will happened or whether it will happened exactly as predicted. Numerous factors applied.

Miserable life is when you keep deferring an end for the sake of the mean. Until you die.



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