If I Can’t State It Simply, Say it Not

When we had a problem and found the solution, we felt like we know everything. We’re not. It can be that:

  • The problem is specific to us. More over the solution!
  • We have not fully grasp the problem and therefore the solution is far from adequate.
  • And so on, etc.

Thus it could be that when we shared what we experienced and teach it to others, it could be condescending.

Of course it is oblivious to us the ‘teacher’: we still think that we’re that great. Unknown to us that it is irritating for the listeners.

If you want to share your experience and your triumph, it is is best to share it this way:

“In my experience ….. and this helps …. “

“To my knowledge …. “

And avoid saying anything that ambiguous or not yet clear to you. Most probably you still need more experience and research on that part before you had a more thorough understanding on the matter.

> If you can’t say it in simple way, you don’t understand yet.

And those are my sharing about my experience and my lesson in talking with other people.

Sometimes — and more often that not — I become condescending. While my motive was to share my experience and my solution to other people so that they don’t have to suffer the same that I do.

But motive is not enough. How I expressed it matters. And more so about my own limit in my understanding about my problem.



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