Fun Is Regardless

Hansel Yapadi
2 min readJun 9, 2022


Enjoy your everyday life regardless your stages (ages) and your situation.

Today I had a dream about coming back to high school. I saw myself not participating in the fun that my friend had and busy with worries. Then I woke up (still in the dream) and told my young acquintances about not worrying about many things and just enjoy her youth. Because there is no coming back to youth and not to regret the way that I did.

I woke up.

The dream has been an occurance. Each with their own settings and stories. But there is a silver lining theme there namely regret of missing out the fun in the youth in favor of worrying and thinking about many things that goes wrong in the world and could befallen myself.

But today, the dream is different. It has a twist. It is a double-staged dream in which the latter shows myself telling an acquittance what not to do.

I have learned my lesson.

Living today in the mid-30th has especially been hard for me. Not because my situation is especially hard nor it is especially perfect, but because I felt I have missed something that I could never gone back to even if I had much more in everything. I believed my best day was gone and what’s left is just a dreaded days in which I dragged myself slow into my aging years even death.

But if there is a lesson here is that just like how in my mid 30th I regretted my 20th, so do will the same if I choose to see life as something dreadery and full of possible misfortune. Somewhere in my mid-40th I will recalled how I have missed my mid-30th fun and regret for not being able to coming back. Fun it turns out is not a matter of stages of life (ages), but the whole each stages of life.

Things aren’t the same anymore. But not necessarily worst. With ages comes its caveat of being slower and weaker, but with it also wisdom from past lessons and perhaps a more calmer tone of our hormones. Take advantage of that. Use what you had at the time into the best fun you could be.

But of course by fun here I don’t mean that we should somehow engage in completely ridiculous way of fun like there is no tomorrow. What I mean is to be mindful — considering the situation we’re in — to always take perspective and resources to have fun regardless where we are. Responsibilty and limitation isn’t an anti-thesis to fun. You could be responsible, had drawbacks and still having fun.

Fun is regardless.