Biological Process & Mechanical Alteration

Most of the time it is best to leave it alone.

Process always biological.

A plant grow by itself. A farmer did little.

Most of the time, it is best to leave the plant to grow by itself. Ex. Not a good idea to tinker with it too much.

But when it is obvious that the plant gonna die, then it might be worth to do something to stop it.

Alteration always mechanical.

We see the whole process and look for a way to modified the trajectory of its growth.

Technology is beneficial since it allows us to alter.

But if everything is altered then the plant is not healed, rather die. Ex. It is one thing to alter some DNA to improve the yield. It is another thing to alter a mango into a banana tree.

We are biological creature, not mechanical.

Most of the time it is best to let us grow by ourself. Alteration should be made sparingly.

Trying to alter ourselves completely into someone else will kill us.